Summer Academy to Inspire Learning (SAIL)

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Summer Academy to Inspire Learning (SAIL)

The Summer Academy to Inspire Learning (SAIL) is an innovative, exciting, and incredibly effective UO summer camp that gives students a better shot at college and it needs your help to continue providing support to our students as well as expand our program to meet the growing demand.

SAIL relies heavily on volunteering and voluntary giving. We will use the funds to reach more high school students, expand our academic offerings, and provide scholarships, work-study jobs, and mentoring for SAIL students who enroll at the UO.

What started as a means to show lower-income students that college is an achievable goal is now a premier college pipeline program that engages high school students from low socioeconomic and minority backgrounds. These students are often underrepresented at universities; SAIL encourages them to aspire to and realize the dream of pursuing post-secondary education. A program evaluation showed that participation in SAIL doubles the likelihood that the student attends college.

Entering its tenth year, the SAIL program provides FREE one-week academic camps and provides mentoring in the students’ high schools during the academic year. More than 100 faculty members volunteer their time for these free camps, presenting lessons and activities that are inspiring and engaging. Today, we host more than 200 students on the UO campus each summer. But that is not enough, we need to do more, we need to reach more kids.

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